Pandigo.de is a website for all my private projects, in the list below you can find them with a brief description. If you like to do a project with me, do not hesitate to contact me. My mother language is German but I like to write and talk English and Spanish.

But now enyjoy exploring my website :)


CryptoLog is a simple crypto currency tracker which does not require any registration. It is also not necessary to keep track of all your translactions.

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Arnos Trip

Arnos Trip is an adventure about Arno, a special guy who is forced to travel around his world. This game is in German.

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A small JavaScript game where you can fight airplanes as a small robot. While you fight you earn coins which can be spent for items which enhances your skills.

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A small App for Android 4+ to keep track of the things your friends do or don't do. If you have a funny or cool rating, you can share it as a picture with your friends.

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This page provides you a frame for your own content, you can learn what you want!

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